How are ideas formed in life?

How are ideas formed in life?

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How are ideas formed in life?

How are ideas formed in life?

formed, The human mind is something in which thoughts and thoughts are constantly moving and changing very rapidly. There are some ideas that come and go, but there are some that make a permanent place in the human mind, and on the basis of which the human mind knows, examines and makes decisions on all other things. ”is called.

The process of forming human ideas is very sensitive. They consciously consolidate their roots in the mind. You may have noticed that if people start walking on the same path in green fields and continue for a few days, there is a trail. And every subsequent person uses the same trail instead of making a new route.

The example of our mind is similar to that of the field. Based on our experiences and observations, the trajectories of ideas become the field of our mind, which then becomes increasingly difficult to change. Any new experience, observation, and knowledge that comes to our mind Well, it must be that it has its own way, but the crocodile also goes through the old ways and that is why man is not feeling anything new even though it is a new thing. Then there is the courage of the new thing to abandon them and create a new path.

Most of us do not think new because of these old trails and are left lacking in thought. We are in the captivity of our mind in such a way that the brain is forcing us to study things according to preconceived ideas. Lives, while new ideas, new ideas, and new creations do not even come close

While new ideas, new ideas, and new creations do not even come close. As one thinker says, “A person whose bread is not thought to be exhausted cannot become self-conscious.” As a non-self, we as a nation have no clear purpose and destination, and for that reason now So far we have not been able to achieve great success in the nations.

How do these levels of thoughts become in the mind? It needs to be understood a little. Human beings have been in need of other people for a long time after their birth. I keep my baby for a long time and this is why every man has a deep relationship with his mother. Just as we have been in contact with other human beings all our lives because it is impossible for a human being to live without humans. Assume that despite having wealth and everything, a human being must-see. To which he can show his things and his blessings. EL is made up of factors.


formed, You experienced a task and the result, it created a level of thought in your mind, and it also sat in your mind that the next time you do such a thing, the result An incident can be well understood. One time I and a police officer were going to a friend. My friend got a little nervous when the police came in. I was shocked and asked if he was interested “In childhood, the police used to look at the drunk, he sat in awe and now even though he is a police officer, he is nervous to see the nose,” he said.

Victor Frank states in his book Search for Manning that “man interprets events that happen to him, even the worst of them.” The meaning of accompanying events is based on feeling good or bad, that is, if something pleases the heart, it is “good” and if something is unpleasant, it is termed “bad.” While it may be possible for a human being to suffer and be better for him, just as the injection may make a person feel bad, this same injection protects him from illnesses.

The incident is not as important as the reaction to the incident. You will be familiar with the name of the Taj Mahal and the background of its construction. It was built by Shah Jahan and it was because of his favorite wife. He died at the birth of his eighth child. Shah Jahan was so saddened by the tragedy that he erected a magnificent palace in memory of his wife, which used the finest and most valuable marble of her time. But so much was spent that the economy of the whole country was almost submerged.

Experiments 2

formed, A similar incident happened in Europe that a king’s beloved wife died but no palace was erected, but he called widows from all over the country and trained them in music so that they could stand on their feet. He tried to benefit humanity in response to his wife’s death so that no woman would live a life of diligence and dedication, but rather earn money for herself by working her skills.


formed, The observer gives knowledge of the situation and events. Anxiety is disturbed. Whenever a person thinks of past events, he becomes a victim of remorse. Most of us carry the burden of the past on our shoulders, though there is only one thing to do from the past and that is the lesson. If you want to take a lesson, you might want to stop thinking of the past by giving it a “shut up call” but do not think too far ahead to worry about the future.

Regrets and worries

formed, The example of both remorse and anxiety is the same as yours. Whenever you put your mind on a pillow, then it will become warm and even hot enough to burn completely. The human mind is neither made for past thoughts. And not for the fears of the future. Allah says that I keep those who are my friends, free from the thoughts of the past and the future, in the present. Do not turn around

If you do not trust your Lord, and you think that you will not forgive your carb, you are violating the law and committing sin. Life gets rid of it. Let’s understand that there is a beautiful door on which different painters are painted, you approach it with great enthusiasm and as soon as you open it, a horrible odor comes from inside. Until he opens the door

If you do not trust your Lord, and you think that you will not forgive your carb, then you are violating the law and committing sin. It delivers its life. Let us understand that there is a beautiful door on which different painters are painted. As long as the door is open it will continue to stink. This is an example of sin until man repents, the odor of sin continues.
Instead of thinking about past regrets and anxieties of the future, just keep an eye on the present and make new avenues of mind by taking advantage of the power of observation.

the study

formed, According to what a person reads, his ideas are based on it. Whether he reads good books or is wrong, his influence must have had on his heart and mind. According to one study, people who read crime more often People are more likely to be guilty of it. Similarly, according to what a person hears, his ideas are formed. Everyone around the human being, with a patch, a palm, and a hammer, is there every time he starts to form his personality and ideas. There are.
A man should keep his eyes and ears open and instead of forming ideas of other people, he should form opinions based on his own intellect.

The question is

The question is, What should be the opinion and opinion of a human being? The answer to this is in the Qur’an in which Allah Almighty says, “Do not despair of my mercy”. Guess his life is so easy, and if Congress does not do anything good to him, he still thinks that he is cheating on me. This thought makes him miserable. He is everything and a human being. And then failure becomes the destiny of it.

We need to break down all ideas that are misleading or deceptive. Happiness in society can only come from good thoughts and ideas and they are the source of success for the human world and the hereafter.

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