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How to Stop Being Shy? Simple Tips You Can Apply Today

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Are you afraid to interact with other people? Do you find it hard to speak up or to show others what you can do? Do not worry because there are millions of people like you who are shy. Yes, that is the problem, being shy.

It is pretty sure that you want to overcome your shyness as it is taking away the joy of life and hinder you from doing things you love or even hinder you from talking to people you like. To help you with your problem, here is a simple explanation of shyness and what causes it as well as the tips on how to stop being shy.

Shyness- What Is It and What Are Its Causes?

Shyness is defined as feeling awkward when you are with other people. It is also having low self-confidence which makes you drawback from interacting with others. It may be also a fear of being in front of many people. As a result, you don’t talk much and tend to be comfortable with yourself only. You also make people think that you are unapproachable. By being shy, you are not able to show others who you really are and what you can do.

There are several reasons why a person becomes shy. First is that you fear that when you speak out your thoughts, you will be just ignored, humiliated or rejected. You might be having this fear because you saw someone being laughed at and humiliated when they talked. You may have also seen someone being bullied after speaking up.


Next is that you may feel so little and insecure in others. You may feel that others are made perfect unlike you. You may be thinking that you are not beautiful and you can’t do anything right or that you don’t have any talents to showcase. This makes you think that others won’t value anything you say or that they won’t be interested in anything that you can do.

The last one is because of having painful past experiences such as being neglected by your parents when you tried to speak out. You may also have received a negative reaction from them which made you think that you should never speak out again.

Tips on How to Stop Being Shy

You can sill shed off that shyness in you by following these simple tips.

First tip on how to stop being shy is to not be self-conscious. It’s not as if there are cameras that follow everything that you do. Express yourself and do what you love to do because not all people are looking at you. There may be some but it is okay. It’s not as if they will all criticize what you say or do.

Next tip on how to stop being shy is to realize your worth and don’t be insecure. You should know that you are beautiful and unique. Love yourself and recognize your talents. Everybody has a unique capability like being able to write short stories or solve hard math problems easily. Instead of being insecure about the things that you can’t do, help people who lack the skills in the fields where you excel and this will stop you from being shy while helping them.

So those are the cause of shyness and tips on how to stop being shy. All you have to do now is to be committed in making the change and follow the tips above.

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