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Motivation for Exercise – 5 Tips You Should Try - whatisalife

Motivation for Exercise – 5 Tips You Should Try

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Motivation for Exercise can be one of the hardest tasks for some people. This is especially true for starters who decided that they should, in fact, do some workout. At first, you may feel like you can’t do it, but the good news is – you can.

The only factor that may be holding you back from exercising is the lack of motivation for exercise. As with everything in life, motivation is needed to chase a goal. Without motivation, you can be sure to fail and frustrate yourself.

Motivation allows you to have that mindset geared towards your goal. It gives you every push a moving force. It helps you decide what you want to do and which way you want to go. With the motivation to accompany you along the way, you are sure to succeed!

Different sources of motivation Motivation for Exercise

Incentive – Incentive-driven individuals get their motivation from extrinsic sources. They get motivated when there are outside forces or rewards compelling them to fulfill their goal. However, this type of motivation wears out when the incentive or reward has been removed.

Competence – Motivation derived from wanting to be competent is one of the most powerful motivations there is. It is instinct-driven, as humans have these intrinsic wants to battle for supremacy. This is also powerful because, from this, many people derive their self-worth.

Attitude – This is one of the most important sources of motivation for exercise. People who derive their motivation from attitude have the most chance of succeeding. How you take on the world depends on your perspective which is dictated by your attitude.

Fear – This might seem pretty negative, but it works for some people. For fear-motivated people, they engage in a weight loss program because they are afraid that their fear would materialize if they don’t. Their engagement in exercise is a prevention measure.

Start and keep motivated

Here are the steps to start building your motivation and keep it for good:

1.    Identify your goal – Your goal for engaging in exercise should be personal. You should not let other people’s opinions affect you so much. Sure you can hear it out, but don’t let it twist the way you feel about yourself. At the end of the day, it is you who will go through the hardships that losing weight entails.

2.    Have a blueprint – As much as possible, put everything in writing. As you see your plans every day, you will be reminded of your goals. This will also make your goal tangible.

3.    Cut your long-term goals – Cutting down your long-term goals into short-term goals would make your plan achievable. Long-term goals may seem too overwhelming, and the only way to make them manageable is to cut them down into smaller goals. For example, instead of aiming for losing 10 lbs. in 2 months, try aiming for losing 1 lb. in a week.

4.    Visualize the results – Nothing motivates people more than the results of their hard work! Always think of the joy that it will bring you when you have accomplished your goal. Just imagining the feeling would already intensify your desire.

5.    Have your daily affirmation – Bring on the positive vibes! Always affirm your self-worth by reading positive books or talking to optimistic people.

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