Slave of the self

Slave of the self

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Never pray to be a better slave when God is trying to get you out of your situation.
Never pray to be a better slave when God is trying to get you out of your situation.

Slave of the self

Slave of the self Dervish was soaking the dry bread in the water that there was some noise in it. From every side there came the sound of the bells and the sounds of the horses. Shortly there came a cavalry in front of the hut with splendor and asked: “Babaji.” What can I serve you? ”Darwish said indiscriminately:“ Please withdraw from the front. The sunlight is not coming in from your stand, it is from Allah that I have all right. “The horseman went down and stood in the style of the generals, and said:” I am Alexander the Great, the greatest conqueror in the world, tell me a job. What can I do for you? “Darwish said:” What can you do for me? You are the slave of my slave. “Sikandarhiran nodded and asked:” How? And you are the slave of the self.

Self, is something that happens to a person from birth to death. It is always seeking comfort and relief. It misleads, frustrates, and tries to take away from goodness by spreading thoughts. Even though it cannot separate itself from it, nor can it kill it, it is possible to overcome it with mujahid and mathematics, and for anyone who firmly submits to it by faith, Heaven in the Holy Qur’an. The good news has been given. It is easy for the Nafs to become slaves to give up worldly pleasures and things. And being tempted by temporary things makes it very difficult to get out of the world. As one elder says, “The world is like the sea, and man is a boat. As long as the boat is above the water, it is safe. But as soon as the water comes in it, it is submerged.” ”

Slave of the self

The “slave of the self” sees everything from the angle of money and worldly interests. It has no importance for sincerity, sacrifice and goodness. When the time of his death comes, he cries on how to carry the goods and the goods he had collected. It also has to suffer the pain of leaving the world.

Whenever a man learns to leave for Allah, he is at peace. The best character has nothing to do with wealth, but with faith. Otherwise, the rich would be rich, but it is not. My teacher Wasif Ali Wasif was running an educational institute. There was no regular system for collecting fees etc. Because the Darwish people do not have an account. And the money to spend more is almost gone. ”At that time, Wasif was in his position, saying:“ Brother! You think I’m collecting money, I’m collecting my funeral. ‘

Once I was painting the paint in the house, the artisan asked me if I saw a picture on the wall: “What is this photogenic?” But I read his books and considered him my teacher. ”He said:“ I know him, I have seen his funeral. ”Hearing this, my interest grew even more. I asked: “How was his funeral?” He said: “I saw all the people crying at his funeral; I thought someone would be their son, but there they were all having their own children.” And I saw that For many days, flowers were lying on his grave. “

The essence of collecting funerals with love is the perfection and the anxious human being is always in the same thoughts. He looks for love and consequence. He is oblivious to worldly advantages and disadvantages. Asif says: “If you burn after death, burn in your life.”
And Stephen R. also says, “Imagine that you have a funeral and people are gathered around your body. What you want people to think about you, then start to adopt those habits.” ‘


In the event of 9/11, the ship collided with the building, a loud explosion and the top of the building began to shake, so the people on the ground floor started hitting the walls. There is no escape. He pulled out the mobile and started calling his friends, loved ones and family. There were phone records that are still in the Nineteenth Museum today. The father was not proven, I was not a good husband to forgive, I am not a good son to forgive. When a man begins to die, he does not count these things, but he remembers repenting. He thinks “I wish!” I would have liked to have people with me. “Remember that it is very important to be content. A person who complains can never be satisfied, nor is Allah pleased with him. As Wassif says, “The more you are pleasing to Allah, the more Allah is pleased with you.”

The sign of being pleased with the blessings of the Lord is that man distributes the blessings of Allah to others. That is why the Hadith of Sharif says that “the best of you is the one who benefits the people”. It facilitates the benefit of one’s life, of which one’s being is burning and the bread of one’s being is growing. His attitude to the creature is, in fact, the basis of an excellent relationship with the Creator. The spiritual relation of man must be as “horizontal” (parallel) as it is vertical. If “vertical”, ie, relationship with God, but “horizontal” ie earth and If there is no deep connection with the law, then this “service” is of no use. It is important to keep both lines of creation and creation in harmony. If these two lines of human being are not the same then it means that they He is the slave of the self, he is self-styled, he lives only for himself, he does not see society, human beings and collectivism, his life begins with his essence and ends on his own. Elderly and parsimony also has no use because it is also conducting spirituality according to the self. If you want to see the importance of someone, then see how much it benefits society. If it came into the world only to grow up, to be young, to be married, to have children and to die then it would be no wonder because they are doing this to animals. Benefit ?

Trusting in God as the slave of one’s self is strengthened. He gives up his right to others. He shares the blessings he has received. Do more things with the urge that the son! One feeding himself, the other feeding his friend, he puts more money in his pocket than usual and says, son! Helping anyone you see deserves it. He always makes his children the “upper hand” and then this training is the basis of his success. There are those whose funerals when it is announced that if one has any right over the dead, take it from their brothers, then the eyes of the hearers are filled with tears that this righteous man has given us so much. Many people are worth the rupees because the marks on the waist of the deceased were made of the sacks that he raised to serve the people.

The self-slave receives the gift of satisfaction. He accepts his position and is satisfied. He accepts his circumstances and the high standards of life. According to which the greater the substance of acceptance, the greater the role and trust in it, and the substance of which there is no acceptance. Retired Chief Justice of Lahore Lahore High Court Mr. Anwarul Haq was saying that it is very difficult to make a suction certificate in this society. Justice Sahib was saying that whenever advertisements for this case are made in the newspaper, 100% people make false claims, ie in this society the widow is not given any legitimate rights. However, the deceased person and those who have claimed them have nothing to do with each other.

One thing to remember is that your real teacher is the one who enslaves your self, who blows your thoughts, which brings you to a word that pleases “Lord” instead of “all”. When the Lord is pleased, then man does not fall into the trap of the soul and does not become his slave. In this world every human being is faced with two things – one need and the other the greed, the “slave of the soul.” I will suffer. He will have wealth and money, but still he will not lose his temper. He will take every legitimate and unlawful way of greed. The Hereafter will be ruined.

May Allah protect us from the bondage of the self

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